Monday, June 13, 2005

House Hunting

So one of my dreams and goals this year was to buy a house. I live in what is called an equity rents apartment complex which states if I buy a specific type of home I will get free money. For the past 5 years I have lived here thinking I was earning up to 20% each month towards a down payment, closing costs and/or upgrades on a new home. The thought of finally owning my own home and painting walls excites me. So my friend Donna and I went out shopping for me a new home this weekend.

If you have ever lived inTexas you would know it is very easy to find new home builders by all of the signs on the road. I had done my research online to find the builder but I had forgotten the exact turn off to where we needed to go. No problem we shall find it by the signs. So we set off at 11:30 am to find 2 new home builders. We drove and drove and drove. We could not understand why there weren't any signs anywhere. We saw signs for every other known builder but the two we were looking for. So we decide to drive back to her house to get on the internet to look up the builders. Never once thinking or remembering that I had a cell phone on me!
So we finally call her daughter to ask her to look them up on the internet. Busy. What else is to be expected of a teenager home alone on a Sunday afternoon? We drove another 30 min or so before we got a clue! We could buy a paper! better yet in our area there are free new home builder mags at any grocery store. Boy did I feel really blonde at this moment. ( no offense since my friend is blonde) We laughed and laughed. We stop for lunch or shall I say they stop for lunch I was not hungry. We search the paper and I swear it just wasn't my day. I looked and looked for a number to call to get directions, no luck. If the ad was a snake it would have bitten me! I was reading articles not looking at the ads. Where was my brain?! It was all muddled from som other things going on in my life right now! Come to find out we had drove past the road several times!
We look at houses and I find one I really want! So I sit down to run the numbers to see if it is even viable for me. I instantly grew depressed when I realized the amount of house I thought I could afford I probably can't without getting a room mate for a few years. The place was amazing! The house is perfect for me. The complex incredible. I could proabbly swing it but I would be tied to a mortage payment for a few years. I got very depressed thinking about it.

We drive to the other complex we finally found 4 or 5 hours later mind you from we we started out. It just did not compare. I walked in one house and the first words out of my mouth were it felt like my apartment, plus the yard was way to large for me, the girl who has never cut a lawn in her life and alarge yard like that would not be a good fit at all. I want a house with a yard just not a big yard. I love gardening, but not with that huge yard I wouldn't love it.

I was already down about some other things going on in my life so this did not make me happy at all. I have been working so hard to get debt free to be able to buy a house this year and then to find out what I make would keep from doing so made me really depressed. I so want to buy a house. I want a yard, a craft room, and a dog. I want to paint and decorate. I just felt like my day went from bad to worse in a few hours. My friend told me to not give up.

Oh then to top it off what I thought I would get for living in what is called an equity rents apartment and the 20% I have been earning towards a down payent on a new home is all bunk! They tell me I have $10,000 to use but the catch is I can only get up to 3% of the purchase price on my new home! What sort of crap is that! Here I thought I had $10,000 towards new home, but in reality it is more like $3,000.

I can afford a home if I drive an hour from where I live now and buy a new home. My friend told me to not give up just yet. Now that I know I won't get as much as I thought for buying that specific type of new home I need to look at other builders. Thank God for friends. She and Tanya were my lifesaver's this weekend. When I needed a shoulder to cry on this weekend they were both their for me. Now if I just can stop crying. Every have one of those days where you just can't stop?

Oh well, such is my life. Something has got to give and get better for me right?

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Chris said...

Oh V - I so know how you feel! I drove all over Phoenix trying to find housing developments. I am pulling for you - you will get a house - the perfect one is out there - you just have to find it!

i think it is wonderful that you tell what is on your mind here and share it. I think sometimes writing my feelings in my blog really helps get things off my chest.

Take care!