Friday, June 17, 2005

Things May be Looking Up for Me!

I love my friend Donna. She will not let me give on buying a "new" home so quickly. I fell in love with this community called It is not far from work, and out in the country. A beatiful sprawling new community. I fell in love with this home floor plan .
Click on the home called "Trinity"
I love the oversized master bedroom option, the great room, and the two walk in closets. It is nearly the same floor plan of the house last weekend I realized could not afford but for much less. I am pretty sure I can afford this house. So I am excited again to go looking. I love the idea of building my own home from the ground up.
I am going to go back out there tomorrow or Sunday to view this home. My friend met a lady who is buying this same house out there and she is also single like myself.
This builder totally worked with her to get her in a home in the community. So I am going to ask for this same realtor.

I told my mom what I was doing and I love her but she can never be excited for me about anything. I called her to tell her I was looking, and that I realized I could not afford a certain priced house that I thought I could. (Well I can if I want to be tied to my mortgage.) I then explain to her that I could afford this other builder in the same development with almost the same floor plan. She tells me well look at older homes. I was like why would I want to buy an older home for the same price of a brand new home where I can pick out all the details? Flooring lighting, tiles, etc.. Plus being single the idea of a home under warranty sounds right up my alley. I can hardly wait! I want this house. I want to buy a new home! But my Mom is like well you do whatever you want to do. UGH! I am 38 almost 39 yrs old. I think I can buy a new home if I want and can afford one! She treats me like a kid instead of a grown woman. She was married with 4 kids at my age. Teen age kids at that! It's a different world and life for me. I will buy a new home this year! I am going to stay positive! maybe I can't meet a man but I can buy a house! So things just may be looking up for me this weekend.

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