Monday, December 12, 2005

Future Living Arrangements

I have been a very poor blogger. But a friend of mine encouraged me to post pics of my soon to be new living domicle on here so here it goes. After months of delays 3 to be exact, my house i well under way. I can hardly believe . People ask me everday if I am excited and to be honest I am scared spitless. Petrfied would be more like it. Buying a used car has always been a huge decison for me and now I am buying a new HOUSE! Am I crazy?? I do not know but ask me in 2 months and I will let you know.

My SIL told me the other day I have gotten forgetfull ever since I stared building this new house and she is right! It all seems a blur. I went through many frustrating discussions with the VP of marketing and sales for my builder. After so many delays and being told so many different things why it was being delayed, I did manage to get the full sprinkler system thrown in for free. The one upgrade splurge I wanted but could not afford. So I guess the delays were well worth it. But geez louise the frustration alone was worth the $3000 sprinkler system.

So I am taking photos of my house in progress.
It is a small home but it will be all mine and I can hardly wait!

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