Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year! I have Walls!

Happy new Year 2006!

Where did 2005 go? It seems like it just whipped right by, just where oh where did it go? I remember parts of it and can account for parts but where did all those other weekends go? I guess it was all focused on house building for me this year.

I went away for a week to Louisiana to visit family. I got back from out of town to discover I had walls, a mailbox and a drive way. I was very sad I did not get a chance to write my name in the cement. :-( Boohoo~ I wanted to include a penny from the year 2005 in it somewhere as well, but just my luck there is one little spot on the front walkway that is all cracked up and they will have to pour a little bit of cement to fix it so I am hoping by the time I see they have repoured that spot it will be wet enough for me to include my penny.

It was very cool to walk in my house with walls. I have more electrical outlets than a little in my house! I love it! This week the walls will be painted, flooring installed, and kitchen cabinets and counters all should be going in this week. I would have a picture of my house but I left the card at home yesterday. I will post a new picture or two tomorrow. And yes as of Saturday I will be moving at the end of Jan. 30 days or less. I am told I will be closing on Jan 30th! I can not believe it! I am so excited.

So my weekend this weekend was spent packing. All of my scrapbook stuff will be packed by this evening. No more scrapping until after I move.

Ok back to packing I go!


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Kim said...

happy New Year to you too!
can't wait to see photos!!