Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Count Down to Completion

My home

is nearing completion. My anticipated close date is Jan 31rst. I am not quite sure how this is going to be completed by then, but that is what I am still being told. Not a great picture of my house. I need to go at lunch and get a good day time picture. Still no electricity, but as of today I have cabinets, doors (minus the stolen front door), garage door, kitchen countertops, and posts for my soon to be backyard fence. The painters were out yesterday priming the house to paint the outside. I did have to get upset. I was told a piece of the overhang near the roof that was cracked in two places would be replaced by the painters before the painted the outside of the house. Nope, they caulked the 2 big cracks! Like caulking would fix the issue! I think not! I was pretty upset and told the sales lady that was out there with me, if she did not call Jimmy, my contractor, that I wanted his cell number. This one will be replaced! Let alone my niece, Josie touched a piece of the siding and it fell off! There is not much siding on this house and to be honest I am not sure why there is any siding on it at all. Pretty dumb if you ask me, but leave it to men to be builders and home designers! The people who care the least about such things. But Josie barely touched it and it fell off and again the painters tried to caulk it back in place! Trust me I knocked it back loose in front of the sales lady! I will go back out there and knock it loose veryday until it is fixed so I can't knock it loose.

Mom and I spent 2 hours at the house on Sunday afternoon sweeping the floors clean. I was told the floors would be going in on Monday and if I didn't want them to carpet over nails and various other odds and ends I would need to sweep myself. I was a little disappointed to get out to the house yesterday and not see any floors being worked on. No carpet, no kitchen flooring, not even the wood like I was told, but my kitchen counter tops were down! That was cool! Fence posts were up, so my fence will be in this week.

Electricty would be great as well. But I guess until they replace my stolen front door they can't start installing fixtures. LOL. That is right someone stole my front door last Thursday evening! I went out Friday and it was gone. The construction dooor is back on it, but I miss my pretty door. Oh well, I am sure it will be replaced soon.

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