Tuesday, January 10, 2006

21 days until closing! So they say....

This is a better view of my soon to be new house. No that is not dead sod in the front yard eventhough most yards look like that in Texas right now after months of no rain. That is actually just sand. Update for today. Bathroom sinks are in and the outside of the house is painted. That's it! The piece of overhand wood I requested to be replaced was just caulked and painted over and still has yet to be replaced. Do they think they are dealing with a dumb lady here. No way! I have pictures of what the cracks looked like prior to the paint job. I want that piece of wood replaced. The siding that was falling off was fixed.

Lets see what still needs to be don to close besides fix all the little things I notice very day?

finish trim work
electricity hooked up to the house - fuse box is not in yet
all the fixtures - lighting, sinks, door knobs locks, alarm system, surround sound, smoke detectors
replace stolen front door
closet fixtures
finish fence
sprinkler system
install all appliances
sod yard and landscape
as I left at 6pm the men showed up to work on the kitchen back splash
oh and mirrors in the bathrooms

Then fix the 5 million things I see wrong with it every day I go in the house

Like turn the attic door around so someone could actually use the stairs without taking out the frame and the wall to do so!

So much to do in 21 days especially when they take the weekends off! Let alone they have to clean the windows, tubs, shower and acid wash the brick. 21 days not likely. We shall see!


Tanya said...

OMG Valita!!! Can you believe this is all YOURS!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Its so gorgeous and I know once you get your designer hiney in there..it will be just perfect! :-)

Kim said...

ohmigosh!!! It is REAL! It is REAL!

Tracy said...

You're getting sooooooo close now!

Cori said...

I can't believe how quick they put this house up! I know it seems like forever since you signed the papers - but wow! Also - thanks so much the message last week. I did get it and I'm sorry I didn't call you back. I was sleeping any minute I could and when I wasn't sleeping I was attempting to be a decent parent. (Failed on both attempts.) I can't wait to see the final product! A trip out to Texas may be forthcoming!