Sunday, May 07, 2006

What a Scrappin Weekend!

I just had the most amazing srcapping weekend. I can't say I scrapped the most pages this past weekend but I sure did have the most fun ever. All thanks to 8 wonderful hilarious woman I have the pleasure of scrapping with at least twice a year. After all these years of coming
together and finally feeling very comfortable with each other we cut loose this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We scrapped, we watched chick flics, we drank New Allison Margarita's and laughed our butts off all weekend.

Hopefully I will get around to posting a few of the 12 LO's I have nearly compelted on here soon. I am off to unpack my car and get ready for my first full week of work in 3 weeks.

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Tracy said...

Hey, pass me one of those margaritas!