Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why do I keep Blogging?

Not sure why I keep blogging, no one is reading my blogs. So I guess I am doing it for me. I sure wish I knew how to add cool stuff on here. Oh well eventually if I play around here long enough I figure some things out.

Just a quick LO I finally completed of my niece. The photos are from almost 3 years ago now.

So what's up this week?
I went to a new hair dresser for a hair cut on Saturday. Now how come when they ask you what you want done and you tell them to only cut off an inch they think that somehow you mean 4"'s! I am a little upset right now over it. I went there as a referral of someone's I know that has long hair and I like how her hair is cut. She has long hair so I thought great her person will not cut my hair off. I know I have thick hair but it was and is in wonderful healthy shiny condition. I rarely use any products on it and hardly ever blow dry it. So here I was trying to grow my hair out yet again so I can get it long enough to one day cut it off for locks of love and still be able to have shoulder length hair afterwards. I have been foiled again! It was nearly to the middle of my back and now it is just a little past my shoulder. I want to scream and cry. It took me almost a year to get it that long. Now I have been set back 6 months just to get it back to the length it was. I must find a man that loves long hair to cut my hair next time. But my next hair cut may not be until next year now! LOL. No more hair cuts for me!


Tracy said...

I'm with ya on the hair thing - trying to grow mine out again. What a pain.
I read your blog! Have you seen any of the blog threads on 2Peas? It's a great way to share a link to your own and see who else is blogging.

Tracy said...

I am with ya on the hair thing - trying to grow mine out again.
Have you tried the blog threads on 2peas? They're a good place to share a link to your own blog as well as see and read who else is blogging.