Saturday, May 27, 2006

Organizing my craft room

I enjoy my new home, no I love it. But I hate organizing everything. I abhor going through everything and deciding what to keep or throw out, how to set it up. I am have been working on my craft room all day today. I have way to much craft stuff and not enough ways to organize it all. In my apartment I had two big things to place items in and one ha snow become my TV cabinet in my living room and the other I got rid of. It was an old dresser left behind from a former roommate. It was painted and decouped and just would not fit into my new home. Now I do not have any drawers to throw stuff in. UGH!

I did have some closet people come over to give me a craft closet ultimate organizing free estimate. It was a little pricey and I was going cheap cheap! About $1800 for mostly shelves and a few drawers. OUCH! I have got to find a way to do it myself. Time to check out Ikea and The container store.

Ok back to cleaning and organizing for me.

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Tracy said...

I love oraganizing! I just wish things would STAY that way. That's the hard part.