Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sigh of Relief

That last two days at work have been about the worst ever. Beyond me getting fired or laid off which that would have made it the worst day ever for me, these last two days have been pretty darn close! My company went through layoffs. It wasn't that fact that we had them, it was how we found out about them that made them so aweful. Men are stupid! Enough said. I cant' say how we found out, due to threats of lawsuit. It was wild crazy, exhausting and very sad today as people were let go. I absolutely hate days like this. HATE THEM. I wish there were other things that could have been done beyond letting people go especially since we have been hiring people like crazy these past few months, but I am no manager and just maybe I don't see the big picture for the company. I am thankfull and blessed it was not my time.
I absolutely LOVE my job. I work for a great group. I pray I am around for many more years.

All I can say is bring on the Margarita's because I certainly need one about now!

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Kim said...

Glad you survived the "cuts." Those suck!!