Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Call at 1:38 AM

So I am fnally sound asleep this morning, when I get woke up by a ringing phone. No one ever calls me at that time except wrong numbers. At first I think I am not going to check who called, it has to be a wrong number, but then I think what if it is an emergency call from someone in my family? I better check the caller ID. Outside it was pouring! It had not rained around here in 6 weeks and it was coming down hard so maybe someone was in an accident or something. I did not recognize the number so I listen to the voicemail. It was the city Police Dispatcher telling me my front door was open if it wasn't my garage door. Well I knew it was not my front door since I had to pass by the front door to get my phone. I un-alarmed the house and check the garage door. Nope sound shut, so I call the dispatcher back. I advise the police they called the wrong house.
With two houses with the same street number and nearly the same street name, my fear had come true. The police called the wrong house in an emergency. I just knew this would happen one day. Why wouldn't the police get it wrong? Every one else does. I still get my neighbors mail. So when I call back, I tell the dispatcher he called the wrong house. He must have meant the other house and goes "OH no you are right!" How comforting is THAT? Let alone what a way to get woken up! "Mam your front door is open in the rain". And why didn't the police go out and check on the house in person?! I mean a neighbor did call in the open door situation to the police!
Ahh Life in a small town in Texas!


Kim said...

ok...THAT is alarming! Only in TX!

Tracy said...

Whoa! I can totally relate to small town stories.