Saturday, June 17, 2006

It Sounds Like Rain

Ok it is almost midnight on aSaturday night and I am on the web. I spent the day inside today sewing. This is good for me because when I get in my car and go somewhere I want to spend money and I really can't do that right now. Especially since I went shopping with my Mom Friday after work.
We hit the big Steinmart Sale. An extra 20% off any sale item and I still had another 20% off any item coupon with no expiration date. I wasn't really looking for any inparticular but if I saw something that hit me I would buy it. Of course I was shopping for the house and not clothes.
And of course something did hit me! I found those mini candelabra shades on sale. I had been looking at these at pottery barn, but they are like $10 each and above there. I needed 5. get this they were marked originally $11.00 each, and I got 5 raw silk beaded red ones for $3.33 each!! They turned out perfect! I am going to move the lighting fixture in my living room into my kitchen above my new kitchen table. It will look great now with the shades.

Yes after 6 weeks of no rain, it is thundering outside. I don't hear any rain falling but I prat it starts. We need it here in TEXAS. We are on stage 3 drought conditions and I can only use my sprinkler system one day a week. UGH I can hand water but I do not always want to do that when I get home frm work. Thus my lonely peach tree is looking pretty dismal these days. I think it is a goner.
Oh well I needed to move it anyway. Thankfully I did not spend $100 bucks on it.
Please please rain!

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