Wednesday, May 16, 2007

America's Next Top Model

Does anyone else out there watch America's Next Top Model? I do and for the first time I did not agree with who they picked. I loved Renee and Natasha, but Jaslene?!! They kept telling Renee she looked old? What the heck? Does the lady above look old? She is 20 years old just like the other 2? I was so stunned by the outcome. Thankfully I dvr most of the episode so I can fast forward through them later but tonight was cycle 8's season finale and I didn't like the ending this year at all. This is who won

Which one looks older to you?
Oh well. I have to admit something I have not my hair cut since Dec. 1rst of 2006. I am not sure why other than I have not gone and the last two cuts I had, I dare say by 2 different people left me feeling sick to my stomach. I didn't walk out feeling happy, bubbly and beautiful like I normally do after getting my hair cut. I went to the same person for almost 7 years until he just got to big and too busy for me as a client. He was always off in Italy and it was really hard to get in to see him so for the last few years I have been desperately searching for a new hairstylist. I have an appointment to get my hair cut next saturday with a stylist my cousin uses. I pray it goes well. I need a hair cut desperatly. I'm almost embarassed to go to work with the way it looks these days. It is long and unruly. My hair is not straight and it is not curly. It is just slightly wavy and on some days I love it and other days I hate it. It is not wavy enough to wear long right after washing it because it just looks messed up. So hopefully in a week or so I will post a before and after pic. I pray it is a great cut and just not short. I like my hair long grey and all. LOL. Oh yea I forgot it is also time for a color.

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