Monday, May 28, 2007


My cat Velvet is lost. I didn't realize until late friday night that she was not in the house. She must have gotten out of the house through the small doggy door, wondered off and then got caught in the rain. I frantically searched all over the house for her Saturday. She has not turned up anywhere. I hope and pray she she has not gotten hurt or ate by anything. I know it is awefull for me to think this buy my cousin who lives a few miles away has lost several kittens that way. I pray my cat it just hiding out somewhere until it stops raining. It has been raining here since Thursday. When I say raining I mean non stop since Thursday night. When it finally quits raining I will start looking for her around my neighborhood.

She is such a sweet kitty! She loves to be petted and I miss her. She is only 4 years old. I have never lost a cat permanently before. The last time I lost a cat, I found her after 10 days. I pray I find Velvet as well.

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Tracy said...

oh no! I hope your kitty comes home soon! Take care.