Friday, July 06, 2007

My New Bed

My new bed arrived yesterday! I do think it will work for me and it fits better in my vintage room than my old pewter bed frame did. I made the duvet cover, bedskirt and pillow shams in this picture. I am not sure I love the fabric now. Funny I was in love with it when I first bought the fabric now I think I want something more vintage and purple. Why do I change my mind so fast on things like this? My curtains aren't even finished and I want to change the colors in my room. LOL. Good thing I have not painted the walls yet. Like my night stand!? LOL. I sold the one that went with my old bed last weekend so for now it is a TV tray table until I find one to go in the room. The pic is a little blurry because I took it with my cell phone this morning. You just can't be alive and use that camera.
I now have to get a new boxer spring and matress since this bed is sitting very low to the ground. Waaaaay to low for my liking. That is why the bedskirt is so long. My old bed was up higher from the floor and I am not resewing the hem. A new matress will be so nice! Now I have an excuse to buy one. LOL.


POPIN Sisters said...

I'm impressed, definitely could help me out on my quilt!!! The bed is perfect :) ~Jamie

Sarah and Jack said...

Oy, I am having the same mind changing problems over here!

They current bedding is very well made though! Nice job.