Sunday, July 01, 2007


I wondered through my new home town's downtown on Saturday and I discovered 3 new shops. One a used book store I will have to go back to once I finish my newest Paperback, Lipstick Jungle, a brand new antique store where I bought a milk glass ruffle edge bowl and 2 pairs of antique earrings, and a gourmet food store that sales homemade fudge. Thankfully I only bought 1/4 pound of the fudge to take home. It was so good and if I had bought more it would not have lasted long in my house. I am anxiously awaiting the opening of the new day spa. Not sure when that day will happen but I can hardly wait.

And my brother pulled through and stopped buy to pay for and pick up my old bed and night table which I sold to his girlfriend. I was a little sad to see it go because I loved that bed! It was one of the first piece's of furniture I bought when I moved into my first apartment and remember looking high and low for that bed. I kept thinking will I regret selling it later? I hope not. I know my brother's girlfriend was so excited to get it and I am glad it has a great new home and I do not have to try and sale in the newspaper or at a garage sale. For the next few days I will be sleeping on on my matress on the floor in my bedroom until all of my new furniture shows up. I pray I get a call for delivery early this week. Then I remembered that now I am on the hunt for a 1920's to 1930's style nightstand that will look good painted black with gold accents. My cousin and I have plans to go shopping in another small town with great antique stores next Saturday.
Today I went to my local nursery to buy some plants;haveing a huge 70% off sale! The place was crowded. I was dragging plants all over the place because they were out of carts. I was so excited to buy 3 each 5ft to 6ft tall red rocket crepe myrtle trees for $12.00 a piece. At home depot these would have cost me about $40 to $50 a piece. Now mind you my backyard is a mud pit right now and I pray I can keep them alive until it dries out enought to plant them. I bought some other plants I am going to plant in my front yard around some electric boxes and to keep my neighbor from thinking where she keeps mowing the grass down to the dirt is her yard! ( It just relaly bugs me that she mows her gras down to the dirt and her grass bnever looks pretty and green so for her to mow a strio of my yard becasue she thinks it is hers really drives my crazy. I lived in my house a full year before she moved in so I know where the dividing line is so I know she seems to think a strip of my yard is hers to scalp every few weeks. If she would mow and weed her grass like I do I wouldn't care but she doesn't, so I am going to plant some plants to divide the yard. My mom's idea if that doesn't work I will get my papers out and mark off my lot for her with spray paint on the ground.)

I am so tired of the rain. All of my roses have black spot I am sure due to all of this rain. I am now finding slugs and yellow hairy worms on my plants let alone there are some places in my backyard with standing water and it is begining to stink. We have just had too much rain this year. I swear it has rained every day since May in DFW. I just want a week of no rain so everything can dry out a bit. The cool weather is nice but the mud is not. Maybe this week will bring us more sunshine and less rain. All I can do is pray. Funny last year I was praying for rain and not I am praying it will stop.

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