Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Newest Obsession

I discovered the cutest little quilt store in downtown Mckinney, Texas. It is bright cheery and the ladies that work there are so nice. It is called Happiness is... Quilting. No, I am not really what you call a quilter, but I seem to have a thing for fabric. especially really different, vintage cute, beautiful colorfull fabric. I have machine quilted one quilt top in my life and it is still just that, a quilt top. My goal this year is to find someone to finish it off for me. I actually stumbled upon this beautiful quilt store a few weeks ago when I was hunting for the store that used to be there, an antique store where I bought my bedroom furniture. Since I have a love for fabric and this little project I decided to start a few weeks ago as well, I wondered in and found some beautiful fabrics that really excited me. (See pictures of fabric below, yep I bought all of them from Happiness is ... Quilting) Well last saturday they had a yo-yo making demo going on. I always wanted to learn how to make fabirc yo-yos and had tried to make one on my own a few weeks ago but it seemed so time consuming. the thought of folding down the sides before stitching just drove me crazy. Well low and behold there is a template out now to make fabric yo-yos and cuts down on the time to make one dramatically. It is such a cool little gizmo and not only do they have your regular circle yo-yo templates they now also make hearts and flowers.

So now I find myself at night with needle and template in hand making fabric yo-yo's with the small circle and the small flower template . Not sure yet what I will do with them but they are so darn cute and so easy to make while I am watching TV.

you know I bet I may be driving back to McKinney, Tx for a 4rth time this month to buy some more of these templates. I think I want the large circle and the extra large circle template to try my hand at making a quilt. You think i willbe able to make one of these soon?


Tracy said...

I love little (easy) sewing projects!

Heidi said...

I bought a bag of cut out circles for yo-yos at a yard sale earlier this summer, because I thought it might give me a good start. Then my aunt told me about those templates and I think those are totally the way to go! I'd love to have one of those yo-yo quilts--they look SO neat! I think I would only need about a million yo-yos for a king-size quilt, right? LOL