Monday, August 20, 2007

Not a way to start a week

Sunday evening I finally decided to mow and edge my lawn after a few weeks. The weather was perfect and not so hot. First I touch my lawn mower with two of my finger tips and burn them. Dumb I know; why I thought the outside of the mower was cool is beyond me but I guess I did because I touched it while it was hot and now I have two nice blister on the very tips of two finger sin my left hand. Then about 30 minutes later I nearly cut off a few fingers also on my left hand with the edger. Thankfully instinct came into play and I let go of the juice which I was holding with my right hand while at the same time moving my hand quickly away from the edge blade/wire. I did decide at that point I was done working in the yard for the day and went in to take care of my fingers. That was Sunday evening.

Monday hasn't started off much better. I had to make a very tough, heart wrenching decision this morning to euthanize my eldest cat Hope this morning. It is one I have been wrestling with for months now. I have had problem with her for almost 2 years now and for the last year and a half she has lived in the guest room all by herself away from the other 2 cats and Walker, my teenage dog. She had everything in the room and everything was fine until about a month ago when she started pooping on the bed. She had her own clean litter, but for some reason decided the bed was better. So for the last 3 weeks I have wrestled with what to do. She didn't have the best life living in a room all by herself I know but I really didn't know what else to do. I tried letting her out to roam but she would get scared, run under my bed and I had already been down that road with her before I decided to give her her own safe environment away from the other animals by shutting her up in the guest room with her own amenities. I knew this weekend I had to do something. I had a cat the was in some sort of distress and at 14 years old, with only one glaucoma filled eye, I made the toughest decision to do what was best for her. My sweet little Persian Oreo cookie, Hope is now in a place where she roam free. I didn't think I would cry but darn it I could barely get the words out when I brought her in; they assured my I made the best decision for her and she lived a good life. Odds were something was going wrong on the inside and it was just her time to go. So needless to say my week has not started off on the right foot. HOPEfully it will get better.

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