Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Pictures of my Holiday Home

I figured out this morning how to add more photos to a post. So below are a few more pics of area in my great room. I have a new very square home, which I love but it doesn't have a lot of nooks and crannies to decorate and right now I still have my make do apartment furniture until I can find pieces I love to buy to redo the room.

Some of the pieces were back from a time where I thought I wanted snowmen all around, but I have since changed my mind. I still have a few favorites that are out so they are below. I love the ornament snowmen because they are handmade and were given to me as a gift and the workmanship is over the top.

I have only little area devoted to shabby chic goodness. I have my Silver Bella ornament house out which I love and the star ornament from Amanda out as well as the class kit I bought from Jenny Heid which I think makes a great backdrop for this little table top. The Silver glitter church was a find I made while shopping for a Silver Bell outfit with Heather at a GoodWill store. I love it and hope to make more over the years or buy more. The Shiny bright ornaments were my grandmother's that my Aunt gave to me a year or so ago along with th emini shiny brights hanging from my olive topiary tree on my counter bar area.

The ceramic Santa's are salt and pepper shakers and they are sitting on my coffee table. This is all part of my mish mash apartment stuff and back then I was going with burgundy for a color but now I like the glitter red plus as a kid I grew up with an all red ornament, lights and garland tree along with a red star on top. I think maybe that is why I was drawn back to red this year, it brings back good childhood memories. Now if I can ever find a ruby red lighted star all will be perfect. I wish I could find a glass one or if I can ever find someone who could make me one I would so love it.

Don't forget to check out my post below this one for more pics Of my Holiday Home. Karla thanks for hosting. I promise I will look at everyone's posts over the weekend.

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