Sunday, December 09, 2007

Josie and Tristan, SB Kit Completed

I haven't posted about my niece and nephew in a while. Josie is 8 and Tristan is 4. Today Josie was in the nutcracker and played a cute little mouse. This was her 3rd year to be in the nutcracker and I think she really enjoyed being a mouse since she kept acting like one even after the show. She's still in Nutcracker makeup and in her cute new sweater. Doesn't she look like a sweet adorable Christmas snow elf? Exactly why when I saw it, I bought it. It was one of those Just because gifts. Now where do I find cute little boy sweaters that do not cost much. the one below was a find at TJ Max for just $14.99. It even has a tiny touch of sequins and beads on the sleeve hem which she loved. She's a future Silver Bella!

This is the best picture of my nephew that I managed to take in a week. At 4 he just moves to fast for me.

Oh and I did get around to finishing one SB class kit, funny thing it wasn't one of the classes I took in Omaha just one I bought from Jenny Heid after I got home.

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jenny holiday said...

Ohhh your lil pastel colored winter wonderland is sooo fabuluous! What a sweet display!

Your kit came out GREAT! We are honored to be a tiny part of your holiday!! So happy to hear that you had such fun! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday season!!

lots of love!
xoxo Jenny