Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wizard of Oz Tree

A small view of my Wizard of Oz Tree. I have been collecting Wizard of Oz ornaments for years, mostly Hallmark ones, but I do have others and yet this is the first year since I started collecting them over 15 years ago that they have been hung on a tree. All of these years they have been in their boxes in a large container in several different closets along the way waiting for this day until I had enough to fill a tree and to be honest they really only fill 3/4 of the tree since the tree is in a corner I didn't decorate the back.

At first I thought they would never make a cute tree and I wanted a more elegant tree, but you know what with the red glitter balls and clear bubble like balls and ornaments I love how it turned out.

My dog Walker gets spooked by the ornaments that make sounds espcially the one That says "I am the great and powerful Oz..."

Now I think I only want the Hallmark ornaments and/or ones with the movie images. I have some that are not the movie type but are still Oz ornaments. I signed up with flickr tonight so you can see more photos of the tree over there. Now to work on my Banner tomorrow night.T

The sore on my elbow is getting better. It is still yucky and oozy but it appears the antibiotics are working thankfully. It still hurts like somethign fierce and it kept me up most of the night last night, so tonight I am taking some Tylenol PM. I sure wish I had accepted the pain killer prescription the Dr was willing to give me yesterday if I wanted it.

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dede warren said...


I too LovE the Wizard of Oz, though I don't have any ornaments. I can't imagine having all those faBuLouS ornaments in boxes all these years. I am so glad they are on your tree finally, and it looks GreAt!!

merry, merry to you missy!