Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Doctor's Visit and (Cookie Recipe's below!)

Additional update on December 4th. For some reason I decided to go to the Doctor because of a small yucky looking bump on my elbow and I guess it was good I went because my Doctor thinks I have a staph infection! UGH!!!! Sunday afternoon a small bumped appeared on my left elbow and it hurt, like a pimple. By Sunday night it hurt worse and looked infected but it was still a tiny bump. By Monday my elbow hurt when I got to work, so I raided the medicine cabinet and placed some antibiotic ointment on it along with a band aid. I woke up this morning and it was worse and boy does it ever hurt. It is about 2" around, hard and it hurts like double hockey sticks. The doctor told me looked like Staph and I need to watch it over the next few days and take some medicine. It needs to get soft if it doesn't I have to go back to the doctor's and if it gets worse I have to go to the hospital. But on another note I get to work from home for a couple of days. My boss doesn't want me at work. Imagine that! I had long sleeves on all day so no one saw my sore. What confuses me is how I got this bump? I didn't have an open sore, or any type or anything on my elbow, so all I can think of is I was bitten by something while I slept Saturday night. It is very weird.

On a side note my Wizard of Oz Christmas tree is up. I used red as an accent color and I kinda like the tree after all. I bought some glittery red balls from Hobby Lobby last week and some clear iridescent glass ball ornaments ( ya know like what Glinda use to get around in Oz), and two boxes of ruby red gems I bought at Pottery Barn two season ago that I have never used until now. I wasn't ever sure how I was going to use them and they add the right sparkly touch to my tree. ( Picture to go here soon)


Maija said...

Be careful with that staph wound. It can go deep and get into the bursa sack which is near the elbow. My husband had it very bad many years ago while in some south american country that required visitors to have malaria shots! Nasty area. He should have given you some heavy duty antibotics that will make the wound area look better by late tomorrow morning. If not, get yourself to a doctor who can get a sample of what's inside. When my tummy was infected (staph) at one of the surgery sites, she got a kit and stuck a q-tip like thing that she pressed into the opening and rubbed it around to get a sample. The results came back a a specific tyoe of stap, but I was already better since she had prescribed big medicine. Check out the Fat Files from my regular blog and you can see. Mine wasn't as bad as yours though!
Good luck sweet Valita

Anonymous said...

Valita, so sorry to hear about your elbow; hope it's not staph as that is something that is quite serious! Please take care and get to the ER if need be! By the way, those recipes look delish; can't wait to try them. Your tree also sounds lovely. Looking forward to your post of it!

Your cousin Julie B.