Thursday, February 28, 2008


On top of a sore foot and still having to walk around in an ortho shoe, I have a sinus infection. Not your typical, coughing, sore throat, drainage kind, but as my doctor said an "atypical" kind. My eyes hurt, face hurt, face was swollen and lynph glad was swollen, and I just wanted someone to chop off the left side of my face, or stick a pin in it to left the pressure out. I stayed home from work 2 days and left early today. I just want to be well and feel like doing something again. I have now spent 4 plus weeks in bed or work and then bed. I am so ready to be well and feel like crafting again.


vivian said...

Hi Valita,
I had the flu for 2 weeks and am just now feelign better myself. Hope your feeling better soon too! stop and visit my blog and see my new easter train!
vivian said...

Oh that is awful, it sounds so painful. With the foot and the work stress, and missing crafting, you must just be miserable. Hope you are better and get to make something pretty soon, that will lift your spirits.