Thursday, March 06, 2008

Laptop Whoos

I have not known what it was like when people say they loose everything on their PC until today. I have a work issued laptop I use for most everything. It is great because it allows me to work from home when needed. I used to travel for work with it but lately not so much. (Wish I had a job where I could travel more) So get in to work this morning, dock my laptop and my flat panel monitor and keyboard do not work. I test everything, even got on my hands and needs to test all the cords underneath my desk, no use so I call our IS support team. ( I have to admit everyone on the IS team knows me, if there was any other team I could be a part of this would be it. Most people don't like them but I think my companies IS team is awesome!) They ask are you calling about the network, no ( oh crap what is wrong with the network I think to myself) about my monitor not working after I docked my laptop I say. She asks for me to do all this stuff, already tried that I say, she knows me as well so she knows I really did tried it, so she goes un-dock your laptop, turn off your monitor, unplug your docking station from the power cord, hit dock station on/off button a few times, then the fatal words, turn off your laptop. I do all the steps re-dock laptop, turn everything back on even computer, success! I have a connection a again from my laptop to my separate monitor and keyboard! whoohoo. Not sure how doing all that helped but it did. We hang up and I try to login.... well in between the time I shut down my laptop while on the phone with IS our network crashed. Not a little crash but a big one, at least for a few of us it was. It crashed so hard it wiped my existence off the main set up server ( I was cached out off or off of the domain name server for all you techno types), my login name and password no longer exist on my companies server so I could not even login to my laptop! I was locked out, AM locked out of my laptop! I can't get to anything saved on my pc! I feel like everything and I mean everything is lost- web favorites, pictures, documents, everything just gone in one little poof! So I cleaned out my desk and files for a few hours as I waited for the server to come up. It came up but I was still locked out. Luckily I have a 11am meeting that goes to 1pm, so I have something to do for a while at work. 2pm and I am still unable to login so I go home, now mind you most everyone around me is working but everything I do is on my laptop and for anyone that was on the network when it crashed, they maintained their user id on the domain name server. I wasn't so I am locked out and I can't get back on under my usual domain name to get to all my files until I go into work and get on our network again.

I have a blackberry so I am still getting emails, I just can't reply to some since I can't get to the documents or websites needed to respond to the emails. I finally get the email that the network is back up and running so I try to login to my laptop at home, still no go. Oh crap now what! Weather is bad and if it ices overnight I need to be able to work from home tomorrow. So my oh so awesome IS team hooks me up so I can at least get online and get to the Internet and our VPN client so I can login to my works intranet. He hooks me up while he is driving home on icy rainy roads. He walks me through step by step over the cell phone on how to create a new user id on my laptop so I can at least log on! whoohoo. That is how I am able to post this evening. Still no access to my pictures, personal files, work documents or Internet favorite links, but I can at least get on my laptop!

I'm also still waiting for the inches of snow we were supposed to get this evening. I watch the news and see snow but I guess my little home town is too far east to get snow. It's still just cold and wet outside. Probably lots of ice tomorrow morning, but forecast tomorrow is also for more snow, we shall see. I would love to see what my little Nordic dog would do in the snow.

I am feeling better, finally. Wore two of the same shoes today so foot is improving as well. Just can't keep them on all day at work since my hurt foot still swells and causes me pain. I may just bring a pair of slippers to work next week to change into while at work! Sinus infection is tons better. I think because I also started using a Nettie pot this week. Kim Kwan told me about it years ago but I never tried it. I actually went to the drugstore looking for some salt packets for a bottle my ent gave me to wash my sinus out with after I had nose surgery a couple of years ago. Thought a salt water wash my help the infection. I hate the bottle, it hurts to force the salt water up my nasal passages, but figured it couldn't hurt to use it again for this atypical infection, well right next to the Dr prescribed salt packet refills was a plastic Nettie pot, so I compare the salt packets used in the nettie pot against what my Dr prescribed and they are the same! I think to myself, Kim Kwan uses the Nettie pot, it uses gravity to flush your nostrils so maybe it won't hurt like the bottle. Why oh why didn't I listen to Miss Kwan all those years ago. Love, love my little plastic Nettie pot. My nasal passages feel so much better and I can flush twice a day now! If you are having sinus or allergy issues, try it. You'll like it! If you have ever gone swimming in the ocean and went underwater without a nose plug, that is what it will feel like. Oh what memories my little nettie pot brings me back to! LOL.

OK long post I know, but as soon as I can get to my pictures, I will have some crafts I have worked on to post. wohooo! I feel like crafting again, now to feel like cleaning my house again! LOL. Time for New Amsterdam. Great new show on FOX! TTFN!

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Heather said...

What a DAY!?! Seriously, I would have given up. You're a rockstar!

P.S. I tagged you on my blog! ha ha ha