Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Project

Here is a picture of the valence and curtains I made for my Master bedroom. I actually had to make 2 valences from the pattern I used so the 2 windows that are side by side each other would be covered. I first thought about redesigning the pattern to make one long valence but decided against that once I realized I have a center bar holding up the curtain rod and needed them to be divided anyway. I didn't show my bed since it wasn't made when I took this picture. I'll take a picture of my bed all made up tomorrow. I'm not quite sure why I went with the red and gold and black theme but somehow I did. Certainly not colors I love or ones I am normally drawn to.


Maija said...

They look fabulous, Valita!

Shannon J said...

WOW!!! Chadee! Those window coverings are fabulous!!! GREAT JOB
I wish I were that talented. ;P