Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Something Strange

So this morning I was listening to my favorite local morning radio show and heard a fun song on the radio called "Shake It". I thought it was fun and upbeat. Later that morning I decide to see what my friend's Kathy and Sam's sons are up to in Hollywood USA. You see Sam and Kathy have 3 sons and their middle child just, oh, happens to be on a little show called "Hannah Montana". You guessed it Sam and Kathy's last name is Musso and their son is Mitchel, who plays "Oliver" on Hannah Montana.

I met Sam Musso years ago when we both auditioned for a musical with a local Christian Community theatre group in the DFW area. We acted in a play called "The Silver Chair", yes an original adaption of CS Lewis' book from the Chronicle's of Narnia series. Later I met Kathy and got to know her when we were all in a 50's Christmas Musical together. Sam and Kathy were dating by then and happened to announce their engagement to the cast and crew on stage during the musical by changing the end of the show that night. I have seen them off and on after the theatre group dismanteled over the years. When I moved into my house in 2006 a mutual friend of ours told me their son Mitchel was going to be in a new Disney show called Hannah Montana. It was fun to see their son acting now. I've since lost touch with Sam and Kathy when they moved from TX to CA.
I do have pictures of some of my old theatre group and their families from 2000 when they came to see me act in a play at my church and Sam and Kathy and their boys are in my pics.

In fact Kathy was on Good Morning Texas this past week. Check her interview out Here.

Ok back to my strange I hear this song on the radio and for some reason a little bit later decide to see what the boys are up to by looking them up on Under Mitchel I decide to see what their oldest son, Mason is up to. He has always been the rocker/singer in the family in lieu of acting like his two younger brothers. I notice he is in a band called Metro Station. I remeber hearing them talk about Metro Station on the radio so I click over to my local radio station's website and notice Metro Station has been in the radio's studio and THEY sing the song "Shake it". Well upon futher investigation of the band Trace Cyrus, yep Miley's brother, also happens to be in the band. It appears the two siblings met through their other two siblings. So You have Miley and Mitchel in a TV show and soon a movie together and their older siblings Trace and Mason in a hot rising band together. So strange. Now where do I find their baby pictures in all of my boxes photos?

Think I can become the cool Aunt to my 8 year old neice that now loves Hannah Montana???
And where ever did I place Sam's cell #?


Shannon J said...

WOW! I had no idea you were a theater junkie! lol That is sooo cool! Both the fact that you've been in theater, and that you rubbed elbows with "Hollywood stars". So, is the whole cast of Hannah Montana from Texas? I just found out last week that Hannah Montana's ex boyfriend on the show- Corey? goes to our church! Well, when he's here with his dad, anyways. Bailey about flipped when I told her that!
Hope your feeling better these days! (i need to read on down your blog...)

Also, I though you might be interested in this: Cowgirl Swap

Shannon ;)

Casii said...

girl, it's like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, only Hannah Montana style. My daughter will think it's so cool that I 'know' you!