Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Scary Yardwork

Afterwork for some stress relief I decided to work in my yard. Over the last 2 years I have dug up many a large rock in my yard. For some reason after the spring rainy weather these rocks come up closer to the surface of my yard so when I got to dig a hole or plant a new plant I hit rock. I then have to take time to dig the rock or rocks up before I can finish planting whatever I am planting. I decided instead of tossing these rocks in piles through out my yard I will now start using them to build a dry stacked wall for my garden. I decided tonight was the night so I start moving rocks around. For some reason I told myself to be careful because you never know what could be underneath one of these rocks, and low and behold guess what? Yep Grass Snake # 2 was under one of the rocks. This time instead of grabbing a neighbor I grabbed my shovel. It was a small one but still a snake. Later I decide to finally spread out some mulch stil in bags in my yard, thankfully I told myself again to go slowly and sure enough Snake # 3 was under a bag. This time it was a brown snake. It isnow also dead and I am petrified to move the last bag of mulch in my yard. I may ask my neigbor to help me move it tomorrow.

I figure a few dead ones won't hurt so much. I am sure there are plenty others out there still to kill the rats or mice.

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