Thursday, July 03, 2008

Didyou know.......

That your own spit can take out your own blood stain? Yes you read correctly. Your spit will remove your own blood stain.

However did I learn this you ask? Well the summer before my 2nd year of college I took a job at a drapery shop where I cut out pillows from fabric, stuffed and closed fancy decorator pillows. I didn't get to sew the pillows, I was the main stuffer and closer Not the sewer mind you. But while I was stuffing there were other ladies there that made the drapes, those fancy, shamancy decorator designed drapes.

Well one day while the ladies were checking a drape to make sure it was in perfect shape before packing it up, someone yelled as a matter of course, ( I could tell by the tone this had happened befoer) there was a tiny spot of blood on the white lining of the drape. This lady then asked for everyone who had ever touched the drape to spit on a rag so she could find out who's blood it was so she could clean the spot up. Everyone spit on the rag and low and behold only one spit sample got the spot of blood off the drapery lining. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it for my own eyes. WHO KNEW?! And however did they learn this trick or trip? I never got that answer but sure enough I soon had to clean a tiny spot of blood off a pillow I had stuffed. you see working in a drapery place where straight pins are used often the workers accidentally prick their fingers leaving a tiny spot of blood on the item they are working on.

I had forgotten about this fact until recently. I accidentally bled on a skirt afewweeks ago. It was an awful day at work and mind you my body decided on that day and time to turn on me and I bled like I have never bled in years. I got a spot of blood on my skirt, luckily it was a skirt I could move around so the back could become the side and know one would ever know, that and I could where a lab coat all day on top of it. I used soap and water in the bathroom to get the blood of my skirt and then I remembered to SPIT, and yep it took the blood right up. Mind you I had to keep spitting for a while and rubbing the spot with a paper towel but finally the spot was out of the skirt. Lucky for me the office I work in is always cold, so I have a heater and my desk and it dried out my skirt in a jiffy. Oh the fun to be a woman and have your body betray you.


Victoria said...

What a wonderful piece of info you have shared with us - thanks!!!!


wonder if Martha knows this??

Heather Geffen said...

Actually, I did know that. I knew that, because my mom told me about it. I always wondered how she knew that, and now I know :).

Kimla Kay said...

Okay...this is really useful information. I had no idea but will definitely remember in the future. Hope you're doing well Miss V. Wish I was going to SB this year but life is a little too busy right now. Next year...for sure. xoxo kimla