Friday, August 08, 2008

UGH! It's been over a Month! - New Eye Glasses

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted. Wow the summer has flown by for sure.

I havn't accomplished much this summer, but oh well! I did go on a mini vacation with my SIL and neice and nephew. We had agreat time in the Hill country of Texas. I managed to get nice an tan the old fashioned way and with penty of sun block. The other added benefit was shopping at a Scrapbook stor ein fredersiksburg texas. It was a great little store and since there aren't to many these days in the DFW area this store was a nice find and the lil ones were very well behaved in the store for the hour or so their mom and I were shopping. I'll post some pics later. I do need to figure how to take better pics with my camera. Why my pics come out slightly blurry is beyond my thinking right now. Oh well. My SIL and I are sharing pics. so hopefully she has some good ones that I don't.

On another note I found themost excellent Blinga Bella eyeglasses at Len crafters but the cots was outrageous! They wanted $465 for frames and I still have to order glasses on top of that and I want those new transisiton lenses I think. and of course in lightweight and non glare non scratch flavor so the cost of lenses will be expensive as well. Well I had them hold the frames, but then decided to serach for them online somewhere. As I was searching online I decided to give my eye doctors office a call and see if they could buy them for me, and they take my VSP insurance even better than Lens Crafters. Well upon searching online I realized Lens Crafters has their glasses marked up way to high! I found them online and my Doctor's office was able to order them for me based on the online number I found. They arrive Monday, then Ihave to go in and figure out the lenses. I can't wait to get them. They look like this! They have real Savorski crystals in them! They bling in the from and from the side! Most eveything I found had blong only on the side but not these! With the rhnestones on the hinge they bling from the front! I will still wear my contacts but these are good for all the other days!


Kimberly said...

i have new specs, too....BIFOCALS! aack! I also splurged and bought cute ones because I can't wear contacts and, well...I have to wear the all day every day... ;-)

Victoria said...

love the new look and I want those glasses!!