Monday, August 18, 2008

Dilemma - What is a Girl to do?

What is my dilemma? So I ventured out Sunday on the last day of Texas' tax free weekend. I swore I would never shop on one of these weekends because the stores are just too packed, but I stopped by a small mall with a TJ Maxx to check out the sales. I find a sweater and then check out some Kathy Vreeland bags. Great price on these bags but I just wasn't in love with any of them at this store, I picked one up and carried it around, but then I spied this beautiul bag on the sale rack and in choclolate brown. The price was $19.00. It was made for me. it felt so good on my arm. I carried it all around the store with me. I LOVED it. I have beenlooking for and wanting a hobo style purse but not a deep one, most all of the ones I find are big and deep. This one wasn't, I had to have it. I thought how lucky I was to find it befoer everyone else. It was BEAUTIFUL! And just Yummy to the touch and smell of it. A leather purse for $19.00, a must have!

But then I got to the counter and upon check it gulp, not $19.00 BUT $119.00! BIG GULP! What is a girl to do? I never fall in LOVE with purses. I was in love with this yummy piece by Donald James Pilner. Ok so I have never heard of him or his handbags before but this purse was over the top wonderful! (I've since learned he is big in Beverly Hills, who knew) Never has a purse felt so good on my shoulder, but then again never have I ever paid $119.00 for a purse. Now it was orginally $575.00 and I got it for a knock down bargain price of $119.00 Even the bag pictured in blue I found online for this picture was on sale for $270.00, so $119.00 was a steal right? What do I do? Do I buy it and treat myself or tell the sales lady I don't want it afterall. It's not relaly in my budget. What do I do? What do I do?

Well I bought it! And I still love it!

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Kimberly said...

I rarely spend big bucks on handbags, but will be the first to remind you that a handbag is something you carry EVERY DAY. It may seem like a lot, but who cares if you LOVE it AND, think more abotu the cost per use than the overall price! ;-D