Monday, August 18, 2008

Where is Parker, TX home of Nastia Liukin Olympic Gold Medalist?

Well Parker, TX is the home of Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze 2008 medalist Nastia Liukin and well I live very close to it In fact I drive through it each and every time I go to see my family in Plano and Allen. It is a very tiny town. In fact I do not believe there is even a town square or downtown in Parker. The fire station is made up of volunteer firemen. It has 2 water towers and lots of farmland still. The city is tiny and the city hall sits on the same land as the city fire station and police station. It's right next to The famous Southfork Ranch famous from you guessed it, the TV show Dallas.

I guess I should include information on where exactly is Parker, Tx in the state of Texas. Well it is North of Dallas on Highway 75, ( Also known as Central to us Texans, we kinda like the 2 and 3 differnt names per street and/or highway around here. Check out 544. I swear it must have 10 names, just depending on what part of 544 you are travelling! ) Once you enter Plano look for the Parker Rd (Not Park! Parker) exit on 75. Go east on Parker Road and as you drive on Parker Road you drive right through Parker, Texas. Now you will know when you are in Parker by first the sign in the middle of the divided road and then look to your left and you will soon see a few Welcome Home and Congrats signs for their Olympic Hero, but most importantly my the Parker cops that park in the middle of the road just to catch those speeders, so DON'T SPEED on Parker Road! If the Parker cops don't get you odds are the Plano police will. I have been lucky and the one time I sped down this street I was blssed to have the nice police man flash his lights at me to slow down. I was lucky.

I never thought twice of the city as I drove through it until now. Who knew an Olympic Champion lived so close. There is a big home coming and parade planned for her upon her return.

Do you think like what i do that the US gymnast have been cheated out of some medals? I can't believe Nastia did not win the gold on the bars. She clearly made less mistakes than the other Chinese girl, let alone those Chinese woman are NOT woman! They are girls and they can not be 16 years old! they should lose all of their medals! I am sorry but cheating is cheating and if there is tie breaker rule then ALL of the rules need to be followed! Girls not 16 years old should not be able to compete and win. I am sorry those are the rules and I find it very hard to believe that a girl missing a tooth still is 16 years old. There faces and bodies all but say the are not 16 so why didn't the Olympic committee step in and make the Chinese follow all of the rules.

Why do they keep scoring so badly! I mean how can a girl fall on her vault landing and be awarded the Gold medal? Things need to change for the next Olympics and someone better challenge the Chinese on those girls ages! They know how old they are question them alone away from their coaches. UGH! So frustrated for the woman's team. Oh well I hope she wins Gold on the beam tomorrow! It sure has been fun to watch but also the most frustrating games as far as woman's gymnastics goes.

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Heather Geffen said...

I agree! The crappy judging and the cheating made the gymnastics less exciting.