Wednesday, September 17, 2008

End of Summer & Silver Bella Swap - sneek peak

The End of Summer.

My sign of the end of a long hot dry Texas summer, a fresh picked watermelon from my garden! Yes, my garden! I picked it today and boy is it good. I never would have thought just tossing some wet seeds into the flower garden in late Spring would result in 3 of these babies this summer especially after the long hot dry summer we had this year. This one weighed between 5 and 10 pounds. I just let the plant grow and would every so often look only to be disappointed by seeing so many brown shriveled baby melons on my plant. Then one day I walk around to the back of this small garden and it would grow into something I could pick and eat with e luck I had been having in the garden. Of course I have no idea when to actually pick a watermelon, but when I noticed the vine turning brown around this baby I knew I had to pick it and take a chance. See how pink it is? Just perfect and sweet. I have one more to watch over the next few weeks and then it will really be the end of summer around here.

So I have started working on one of my Silver Bella swaps. I can't believe I signed up for 6! Geez! What was I thinking. Oh well some are one on one swaps so that makes it easy. I just have to start finding and gathering items for those swaps.

Below is the beginning of my Twinchie. I have never worked in this size before so I knew I needed an early start and a few test runs. What do you think so far? Do I keep the silver at the top or change it out to a Dresden silver border, or no silver at all? hmmm??? I just adore this little girl. I found her on an old Christmas postcard and I knew I had to use her on this swap. The hat was originally a dunce's cap, yes I know why would a cute little doll like her be wearing a dunce's cap on a vintage Christmas postcard? Who knows, but I sure do like her.


Kara Ward said...

That watermelon looks so yummy. It is my favorite fruit and is a definate sign of Summer. I am looking forward to Silverbella with Winter approaching. Kara

Maija said...

She's darling!!

gina g said...

cute twinchie! i too did this swap but mine are not as cute as this! i cannot wait to see what your final product is!