Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike

My heart just break for everyone that was in the path of IKE. I know I was concerned since most of my mom's family was in the path. I have an Aunt and Uncle in Houston, who are ok I am told. I am not sure if they are out of electricty of not but they are safe. My Aunt, Uncle and cousins in Beaumont rode Ike out in their home after boarding up. They are safe but without electricty. They left for Gustav but got the word to evacuate to late to get out before Ike. They didn't want to be stuck on the highway last night like what happened to them for Rita.
My family is southwerstern Louisiana is ok, but we know one cousin's house flooded. She lost nearly everything in Rita a few years ago, and had just received money from the government so they could raise their home to not have to go through a flood again, but the money came to late. They have the money now, but will also have to replace everything in their home again. Hopefully the items they placed up high survived but right now they can't get back to their home until the water supbsides.

We are still waiting to hear from a cousin and her family who lives in Jennings, Louisiana. I pray they are safe first and foremost.

This was a horible event to happen to our states. My heart breaks for all of those affected by Ike and its aftermath.

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