Friday, September 12, 2008

This Little Guy is 5

I can't believe he is 5 already! My nephew Tristan that is and I just adore him. I may be a bit biased but I do think he is the most handsome little boy ever, but sadly he has entered that stage where he doesn't give kisses anymore. sigh.... He started turning his head and giving me his cheek to kiss this summer. It about broke my heart. What happened to that little boy who wouldn't let me leave the house without a hug and a Kiss? I can give one, but min you I won't get one in return. Someone please tell me this will change and he will give them to me again one day?

Below are a few pics from our trip this summer. This one of him riding a horse in Fredricksburg. Gotta love that smile and yes I gave him money so he could ride the horse.

This is one I took of him standing on top of the Enchanted Rock in the Hill Country of Texas. He already looks like a big boy.

This picture makes me laugh. He is so obsessed with transformers he took this toy with him everywhere and he wanted me to take a picture of his transformer on Enchanted Rock, but I managed to get him in the pic as well. LOL.
This is him with his father's grin at his Birthday party a few weeks ago. He looks so much like my brother here.

And this is one taken last weekend of him playing with his little friend at his sister's Gymnastics meet. They played so good together all morning. I love their little heads together, both blondes, but different shades.

Such a swet boy. Thankfully I will have another little nephew to give me kisses soon.

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