Monday, September 08, 2008

Vintage Finds

So this weekend was a busy one. Saturday morning my 8 yr old niece had her first gymnastics meet. She was so cute and very excited to be in her first meet.

Afterwards mom and I drove to the Home and Garden Show and wound up also going to a "Flea Market". Well a Flea market absent the Flea market prices on 90% of the stuff there. Come on people when you advertise for a Flea market then price things at flea market prices and not at Antique store prices! Because the stuff you were selling sure wasn't antique store worthy, most of it was barely garage sale worthy. And I have to admit I was offended by the man selling mostly German WWII artifacts, if you know what I mean; is a flea market really the right place to sale German WWII items? And the the Vintage Halloween post cards are they really worth $35 to $90 especially at a Flea Market? I did score a few things.

A bag of 90 vintage marbles for $10.00. I love marbles and have about 3000 or so of them, but these were in pretty Fall colors that I didn't have. About 14 of them were the large shooters.
A vintage porcelain chick which I negotiated down from $13 to $9.00. It matches one I bought off Etsy this past spring.
The Munchkin Barbie brand dolls that I missed buying years ago when I was gifted with the Barbie Dorthy, Witch, Glenda and Ken Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man Dolls. I bargained these down to $10 for all 3. Aren't they cute?
Then I happened on a lady who was selling vintage trim at great prices. Below is a pic of vintage velvet flocked rick rack. 8 yards for $1.00 and the Giant orange rick rack for 4 yards for $1.00
In the below pic is vintage black seem binding (8 yards for $1.00), vintage orange flowers with orange flocked velvet ribbon (3 for $1.00) and orange and ivory lace. (8 yards for $1.00)
This is some sort of tiny lace with metallic thread. It was 4 yards for $1.00. I got it in aqua and a pretty minty green.
Below is a broken rhinestone necklace and some sort of 70's style ring I got for $1.00
I bought the below necklace also for $1.00. I am not sure why she had it priced as junk because those are heavy pearls on a knotted cord with a rhinestone clasp.
And this is a curious dogs head trying to figure out if what I bought as edible. And with that I must say goodnight since I have one doggie desperate to go to bed. This silly dog knows my schedule all too well and when he wants to go to bed he gets in my face and paws on my arm. So with that good night.


Alisa said...

Hi Valita! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comments about my charms. Can't wait to meet you too!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

Nice finds! Bummer the "flea market" wasn't really a bargain place... bummer when that happens. But you found some cool stuff! Girl, we need a flea market finds... I need to stock some Silver Bella stuff! ;) Think we'll have any luck in Waxahachie? ;P

Heather said...

you're right - super cool finds! I'm JEALOUS!!!

Amanda Willey said...

The vintage trims were a score! I love your redesigned bling! See you soon at Bella!