Monday, January 16, 2006

Close Date Jan27

I know I should be happy that this date is set now, but I am still very stressed. My house will be "complete" Jan 24rth with the first walk through Jan 25th. Hopefully there are only little things to fix so I can do the close walk through the morning of the 27th so I can close the afternoon of the 27th. Then I can start moving little thing on my own that night and the movers come on the 28th. I still have to arrange for all the utilities to be turned on. Get the money order for the title company. And pray this whole thing does not fall apart in front of my eyes.
I guess deep down I don't think this can really happen to me. Why would anyone let me buy a house? I keep thinking or over thinking when I walk in to close they are going to say "sorry we can't underwrite you" and then I have no place to live. My apartment has already leased out and I have to be out the first. I have stressed myself out from this worry and then I added to it with the situation with my friend. This should be the happiest time of my life and all I do is cry.
I went to the Maverick's basketball game tonight with my brother and it was everything I could do to not cry all evening. I tried to stay focused on the game so I would stop over analyzing all the stupid things I said and did, but then I would find myself thinking and I would tear up. How does one remove a heartache? Right now all I do is cry and pray. I am the sort of person that needs closure. I need resolution to get better. I get upset and then need work it out with that person to move on from the pain. I am trying to stay focused on the house.

And the latest update is : sprinkler system in, gutters on, float for wood flooring down..
What I see that is left to do - landscaping and gas meter installed, electricity turned on, wood floors installed (WED) carpeting( Thursday) , stove installed, new sink faucet installed, all the door knobs installed, still need front door, closet rod and brackets installed, mirrors installed, and the r38 attic insulation blown in. Count down is well underway.

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Kim said...

OK, are SO sabbotaging yourself! This should be the HAPPIEST time of your life!

Knock it off RIGHT NOW and start enjoying this!!! You have busted your ass for many years to get to this point and you should be proud! You ARE worthy of this and it IS going to happen to YOU!

And remember, your thoughts and words are careful, because the universe has a way of giving us exactly what we ask for (and all I hear you asking for is failure!!).

OK. Scolding over. I am sooo happy for you!