Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Shopping Habit

I spent the day shopping yesterday for items for the house. I was on a "looking" spress but something happened and it turned into a buying a spree. I think it is an old habit when I am upset, go shopping! Now the house gives me an excuse. I bought the most beautiful rugh yesterday for my kitchen from Pottery barn! It is the palampore rug in red. When I saw it I knew it was the rug for me but it was expensive. I actually saw the rug friday night and wanted to show it to my mom on saturday. It wasn't on sale friday night so I was going to wait until it did go on sale to buy it. When we got to the store on Saturday the 8 x 10 rug was on sale for $399 ( reg price $599) They had one in the back out of its wrapping and pulled it out front saturday to sale it! Just my luck! And I had a $100 gift certificate to use. So I got this beautiful red,green and perfectly mathcing gold rug for $332 with taxes! Woohoo! My kitchen will look wonderful when I move. The living room is a whole other story! LOL

I have a pictur eon my head for the living room, but I need to work on it after I move in.

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