Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Good Kick in the Pants!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Kim for giving me in the kick in the pants I needed to stop thinking bad thougths about buying my new home. She has this wonderful way to be harsh and yet loving at the same time. What would I do without ya Kim! Too bad you live so far away. I would take you our for a rita as a thank you. My other friend has not forgiven me as far as I can tell, but there is nothing I can do about that. I have not heard from this person in nearly three weeks now. How does one go from talking to someone for nearly every day for over year to not talking at all? I have asked for forgiveness but I guess that is not part of the plan. If friend's can not get upset with each other and express their feelings when needed especially when they are overwhelmed with so much going on in their live's and then later forgive, what did you have to start with? I know what I thought I had. I still want to hope for the best in this situation and I am trying everything I can to not go down the angry road. It takes a lot to get me real angry and hurting my heart is something that can do it.
But I am praying that I never go down that road. Soooooo on to the home update!

It is nearly finished. I am taking my mom out today to go look at it. Not much left to do besides the energy star blow test and repair the leaking guest toilet and replace the flooring and cabinet in there. Oh yes there are little things to do, but those will be pointed out during the walk through.

My apartment is a disaster zone. Boxes everywhere! I pray this is my last move all by myself. I want the next move to be because I am getting married or I am married. LOL. See Kim thinking positive thoughts now! I still have to get the electricity thing worked out next Monday, but all other utilities are turned on. I have to go to the post office for a change of address notification and then start the process to notify everyone of my new address. Let alone my email address will change. UGH! So many websites to update.

I will email everyone my temp email address asap.

Off to the house!

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